Robin Wilner , E-RYT 500 Masters of Science, Holistic Nutrition

Robin Wilner, E-RYT 500
Masters of Science, Holistic Nutrition

 Wicked on Broadway, 2011

Wicked on Broadway, 2011


As a certified yoga teacher and Holistic Nutritionist, I work with people to help them discover their fullest potential and experience a more vibrant, healthy, and joy-filled life.

Through the practices of mindful and conscious movement, breathing and eating, we can work together to help you transform your inner landscape and find true peace and happiness.

My goal is to empower you with the tools to maintain healthy patterns of behavior - whether you're retreating with me in a stunning locale or working with me in your home or office space. I strive to bring a warmth and accessibility to anyone who works with me, and I believe that the practices of both yoga and good nutrition are essential to staying vibrant and free from dis-ease. Combining movement, meditation, energy work and clean eating, I will help you achieve optimal wellness of body, mind, and spirit!


A Little Backstory…

While dancing professionally on Broadway, yoga came to me as a way to reduce my own stress, anxiety and injury. With a grueling performance schedule, it was also important to develop healthy eating habits that would stick. The yoga practice challenged my body and expanded my mind and heart in ways I'd never imagined, so I became a certified instructor in 2010. My passion for the wondrous fusion of movement, spirituality, mantra, and philosophy that is yoga has continued to grow ever since.

During my six years with the cast of Broadway’s WICKED, I began to pursue my Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition, determined to stay healthy, fit and energized in the long term without going to extremes. Much of my life had been spent with disordered eating patterns and viewing food as my enemy. While experimenting with more mindful eating, I soon discovered a severe gluten sensitivity that completely changed my relationship with food. The holistic approach helped me to see myself as a whole being with a unique composition, rather than as just a body in the mirror trying to look like everyone else. The more I learned about food as medicine, the better I began to feel, and I wanted to share that knowledge with everyone.

In the fall of 2014, I took a leap of faith and moved from Manhattan to San Francisco, exchanging a life in the spotlight for one of devotion, health, and wellness. Now based on the west coast, I teach Vinyasa yoga (breath-synchronized movement) as well as Yin Yoga (long-held postures that quiet the mind and hydrate connective tissues) to students of all ages and levels, integrating my love of meditative healing, hands-on assists, chanting and philosophy into every practice. I also create customized nutrition plans for individuals who are passionate about conscious living and eating.