What is "holistic" nutrition?

The word holistic indicates an integration of body, mind and spirit. Holistic Nutrition is an approach to wellness that brings balance to an individual based on aspects of lifestyle, environment, and genetics, physical and emotional needs – in other words, the parts that make up the whole of what makes us human. When each part works together in harmony, one can achieve an optimal level of health and wellbeing.


What should you expect from working with a holistic nutritionist?

Modern medicine fails to emphasize the importance of nutrition as a cause of major health problems, so we have forgotten that FOOD IS NATURE’S MEDICINE! 

As your holistic nutritionist, I will guide you through the maze of information to find the program that is right for YOU – not just the latest fad diet, or a quick fix to reach your short-term goals.

We will work together to find the nutritional causes of your symptoms or combat the daily challenges you may face, to create a personalized diet and lifestyle program, and to promote long-term habits that optimize your health. Some of the things you will learn:

  • Benefits of eating whole foods
  • Select and buy the right foods
  • Eat right while dining out
  • Enjoy food without guilt
  • Use food as medicine
  • Combine a healthy diet with exercise and relaxation to look and feel your best!

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